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About Jan Rosenberg

In New York City, it's easy to think of real estate in terms of four walls. But you are buying more than a home. You are buying into a neighborhood, a community. And no one appreciates that more than Jan Rosenberg.

Jan grew up in Peoria, Illinois and met her husband, author and urban policy expert Fred Siegel, while teaching at Empire State College in the 1970s. They moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn, and in 1980, after completing her doctorateJan became a professor of sociology at Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus in Fort Greene. She loved teaching and research, and spent 28 years as a sociology professor, nurturing thousands of students during her career.

In 1986, Jan and her family moved to Ditmas Park, one of Brooklyn's many rough neighborhoods at that time. But like many Brooklyn neighborhoods then, the homes were affordable and appealing but the high rates of poverty and crime meant there were few services and little safety for the residents.
Shortly after moving there, Jan and her husband joined the neighborhood watch patrol. It would have been easy for them to flee to the suburbs and leave the neighborhood's problems for someone else to fix. But she had witnessed a remarkable transformation in Fort Greene. Like Ditmas Park, Fort Greene had been struggling with poverty and crime. But during the 1990s, it began to blossom, with artists, shops, and restaurants taking advantage of the affordable real estate and giving birth to a new and vibrant community. Having witnessed the turnaround in Fort Greene, and in other neighborhoods like Park Slope, Jan and her husband decided to stay in their new home and take a leading role in transforming Ditmas Park.

In 2001, during a sabbatical from LIU, she put her sociological insights to work by founding Friends of Cortelyou, a small group of neighbors dedicated to attracting businesses and improving services on Cortelyou Road. But prospective businesses owners complained that the neighborhood lacked the lucrative younger market who were more inclined to patronize their shops and restaurants.
To remedy this, Jan tried to encourage co-op sponsors to start selling units,which were the mainstay for young New Yorkers looking for affordable housing. And when they failed to take action, Jan - though still a full-time professor -earned her real estate license and began selling co-ops herself, targeting young families who were already being priced out of Park Slope. Clearly she was onto something, and soon she had more business than she could handle. Jan decided to embrace real estate full-time, founding Brooklyn Hearth Realty Ltd. in 2003. And after her first partner moved away, she recruited two bright business women - DeAnna Lenhart and Rebekah Carver - who had bought homes in this affordable yet evolving neighborhood.

Together they re-formed Brooklyn Hearth as co-owners in 2005 and quickly became the dominant player in Ditmas Park. They spread out to nearby neighborhoods aswell, using the hands-on, community-focused approach that has resonated so well with Brooklynites. She and her team are dedicated to serving their communities and building a better neighborhoods one owner at a time.
In early 2017, Jan and her team made another bold move, this time joining Douglas Elliman, the largest brokerage in the New York Metropolitan area and the fourth largest residential real estate company nationwide. The change was essential for the company to continue to grow and prosper.
She welcomes the new colleagues and additional resources Elliman provides, and the opportunity to spend more of her time working with clients instead of managing the business. However, Jan remains committed to helping people not only find the home of their dreams but also developing the neighborhoods of their future.


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Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

1410 Cortelyou Rd

Brooklyn, NY 11226

Office: 718.856.3572

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